How do I first contact DVSC?

Your veterinarian will contact us initially, but you are welcome to contact us directly.  Scheduling and coordination with your veterinarian is required for official surgical consultations and procedures.

How is my pet monitored during surgery and after surgery?

Monitoring of your pet during surgery is required by DVSC. This is performed by a veterinary technician or assistant at your animal hospital.  Your pet will also be under the care of your veterinarian and support staff while recovering from anesthesia.

DVSC has partnerships with multiple animal hospitals who we feel provide exemplary service for optimum care of your pet.  We work together with your animal hospital’s staff to provide the best care possible for your pet.

What type of pain control will my pet receive?

We have high standards for pain management for pet’s undergoing surgical procedures or with lifelong chronic pain conditions. We require aggressive pain control both before and after surgery, usually consisting of an opioid like drug, as well a non steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medication if the patient can tolerate it.  When applicable, an epidural or local anesthesia will also be used. DVSC can also provide consultations with your veterinarian on chronic pain illnesses for long-term care for your pet. 

What medications will my pet go home with following surgery?

Your pet will likely go on one or both of these two different pain medications – a NSAID and an opioid.  Your pet may receive an antibiotic.  It is very important that they receive the medications as directed by your veterinarian.  If your pet has any vomiting or diarrhea, please contact your veterinarian.

What can I expect in terms of post-operative care after my pet has been discharged?

When you pick up your pet, you will receive detailed post-operative care instructions that are personalized for your pet and your pet’s condition. Your veterinarian or veterinary staff will also review radiographs, physical therapy and any additional information with you when you pick up your pet. Recheck appointments can also be scheduled upon discharge from hospital. 

Will my pet receive follow-up examinations?

Yes, your veterinarian will perform follow-up exams as needed per your pet’s post-operative instructions.  DVSC can be contacted for postoperative questions and updates on patient recovery. 

How will I pay for my pet’s surgical consultation or procedure?

Surgical fees are based on the procedure and your pet’s condition.  Your veterinarian will have you sign a consent and estimate form upon arrival for a surgical procedure.  The final bill payment will be made directly with your veterinary office.